Volume #1 Table of Contents


 Table of Contents


Nag Champa Incense | Russell Hausfeld

Forest Fair Mall | Cassandra Lipp

i’m mourning a little boy | Russell Hausfeld

Remembering You | Katarina Knehans

An Ode to the Tiniest Things, Never Forgotten | Cassandra Lipp

Queer | Katarina Knehans

A Recess in Time and Space | Russell Hausfeld

Found | Katarina Knehans

Recycle Your Fears Like Glass Bottles | Cassandra Lipp

A letter to the forgotten | Maddie Witte


Lovely Weather | Russell Hausfeld

When Your Wife Asks For Coffee on Mushrooms | Anonymous

Stein | Maddie Witte

Visual Arts

Conversation With Maddie Witte (and her masks)

Featured Artists

Cassandra Lipp is the author of the 2017 book “Queen City Records,” which tells the stories of Cincinnati’s record stores. She is the founder of Naturalized Publishing, and teaches poetry for the University of Cincinnati’s Communications program.

Russell Hausfeld is the name of an energized vessel that exists in the Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys bringing people together.

Katarina Knehans is an Australian-American writer studying creative writing at the University of Cincinnati. She is the president of Rogue Writers of UC. Look for their journal and CD coming out this Spring.

Maddie Witte is a graduate student and artist attending the Univesity of Cincinnati, currently trying to survive and figure out life. Check her out on Instagram @mad_die_xo