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Field Trip Announces “World’s First” Virtual Psychedelic Therapy, But Forgets To Mention They Aren’t the First and No Psychedelics Are Involved

The Toronto-based company leads the charge to use “psychedelic” as a marketing buzzword for any kind of niche therapy.

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Corporadelic Series

Cor-por-ra-del-ic (adj): manifesting corporate structures, ethos, or logic within the context of the psychedelic landscape.

A series on the intersection of psychedelics and capitalism, and the early investors entering the space.

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MindMed’s CEO Jamon “JR” Rahn Wants Nothing To Do With Those Psychedelic Decrim People

Rahn has been vocal about his lack of support for psychedelic decriminalization efforts, going so far as to say that they could impede scientific progress.

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