Sophie Lindsey and the art of minute-but-meaningful social intervention

In many ways, Sophie Lindsey’s artistic practice can be compared to finding a penny face-up on the sidewalk. It happens in the context of your daily routine and makes you feel something — maybe happy or lucky. It breaks the routine just enough to let you step back and appreciate a moment in an otherwise monotonous day.


The Bunk Police is looking to destroy dishonesty in the drug market

Bunk Police is a multinational harm-reduction organization, providing research, development, and distribution of drug-testing kits. The company was started eight years ago with a focus on getting harm-reduction services to the jam band scene. Today, they provide test-kits worldwide and research new drug-testing technologies.

Intentionally-diverse MDMA research at University of Connecticut Cut Short

The research team at the University of Connecticut (UConn) studying MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD is now defunct.

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Alli Feduccia is a Clinical Data Scientist working for MAPS’ Public Benefit Corporation. She is currently working on a collaboration with MAPS and software engineer Shawn Grona to develop a state-of-the-art online psychedelic therapy and integration support network —

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Pulitzer Prize winner Terry DeMio on life as a heroin beat reporter

The staff writers of the “Cincinnati Enquirer” won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting for a special report they released called “Seven Days of Heroin.” This was a 20-page report featuring stories and photo spreads of local heroin-users, parents, outreach coordinators, methadone clinics, and more. It was a comprehensive look at the many faces and facilities which appear beneath the banner of the “heroin epidemic” in the area.

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Colleges just don’t understand harm reduction

SSDP member Hannah Procell was charged with disobeying directions given by school employees, misuse of campus space, inappropriate conduct at a school event, and fire-hazard violation (because of the low-light lamps) for operating a harm-reduction space during a campus-sponsored party.

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What happens when you give an octopus MDMA?

A team of researchers bathed octopuses in MDMA and found that it makes the typically asocial animals more social.

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Reclaiming Your Identity As A Drug User

Frances spoke with me about reclaiming the identity of the drug-user, her criticisms of current trends in the drug reform community, and her own experience with owning the fact that she uses drugs.

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How should we be teaching students about drugs?

Rhana Hashemi is the site coordinator for drug and alcohol programs and services for Oakland Unified School District. But, to her students, she is just “the drug lady.” She is one of the educators stepping up with a nuanced approach, breaking the “Just Say No” mold.

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Becoming a Psychedelic Researcher: Alan Kooi Davis

Alan Kooi Davis represents a swath of new researchers making the decision, albeit risky, to study the potential uses for psychedelic substances. This kind of research, Davis believes, is the next frontier for psychology, psychiatry, and the broader culture at large. A tool with the potential for true healing for conditions like addiction, PTSD and depression, as opposed to mere symptom alleviation.

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Brandon King Created Portland's Best Badass Joint-Rolling Machine

“This is the joint roller that Ron Swanson would use,” a budtender at Southeast Belmont’s Serra dispensary told us.

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Where Are the Pot Emojis?

Allen St. Pierre, the Director of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), thinks that legitimate marijuana emoji on our smartphones and social media platforms are inevitable.

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The First Cannabis Drink Commercial Was Made By a Portland Director

The commercial, which falls somewhere between a Grocery Outlet radio ad and an SNL sketch, includes an original song that explains the flavors and effects of Legal.

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Highlights in MDMA History